Docter Sight II plus D

  • €295.00

Small, Fast, Accurate

Re ex sights are the opto-electronic revolution in sights engineering. As an enhancement of the traditionally open sight, they unite the advantages of conventional target acquisition with optical and electronic high-tech components.

The DOCTERsight is exemplary for the combination of a high-performance optical system with precision engineering and state-of-the-art electronics.

Developed for the fast shot, DOCTER re ex sights fully meet the requirements on their special application. The speci cally computed, patented optical system supplies a simple mag- ni cation and a clear image without distortions. The high- quality DOCTERmultitop optical system coating provides a re ex-free image, in particular under extreme lighting conditions.

The DOCTERsight guarantees a high degree of safety during ring. Due to the single magni- cation, it is possible to sight with both eyes. The marksman thus obtains his maximum eld of vision and an overview in all situations.

The illuminated dot that is set to a parallax- free distance of 40 m assists the marksman in safe aiming, in particular during stressful hunting situations.

The typical DOCTER tubeless design turns these re ex sights into ideal exchangeable optical systems.
As they are extremely small, light and compact they can be taken along anywhere and are quickly mounted on the weapon when they are needed.