Docter Sight III D

  • €429.00

Innovation is the road to success – this has also been true for the DOCTERsight III. The next generation of re ex sights unites hunting, sport and tactical requirements in one appliance.

  • ‚  High-strength monoblock housing made of special aluminium

  • ‚  Water tight*

  • ‚  Precise, in nitely adjustable reticle adjustment without

    ‚ Two-lens high-performance optical system with internalre ex coating
    ‚ Sharp dot image across the entire eld of vision thanks to additional correction lens
    ‚ Three magnet-controlled illuminated dot intensities can be selected
    ‚ Automatic illuminated dot regulation depending on the surrounding brightness
    ‚ Anatomically adapted brightness progression of the illuminated dot
    ‚ Suitable for night vision

    • ‚  Battery indicator

    • ‚  Control cap with safety strap eyelet

    • ‚  Easily mounted thanks to a large number of mounting