Exploding Airgun golfball

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Airgun Golf™ Club!
A new sport has dawned on airgunners the world over: introducing the Air Venturi Exploding Golf Ball.
This white beauty may look and feel like the real thing, but once you shoot it, it bursts in a spiral of powder and debris. The real challenge to airgun golf is exploding the ball at long distance, 100 yards --even 150 if your airgun is up for the task!
Each package includes 3 exploding golf balls for your shooting pleasure. So T up, get your stance right, and hit your ace!
There's more ways than one to play Airgun Golf™! Try these different versions with your friends and family:
1. Caddy Hack: The caddy picks a different gun for each hole!
2. Putt Putt Plink: Knock down two targets before shooting the Exploding Golf Ball
3. MulliGUN: Don't miss your shots! If you do, use a MulliGUN and get a second chance at your shot!
For more games and playing rules visit Airgun Golf™

Air Venturi Exploding Golf Balls
* 3 count
* Bursts when struck with direct hit.
* Includes a tee for each ball

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