Lensolux 1-6x24 Electro O -Dot 2A

  • €395.95

The new LENSOLUX battue rifle-scope 1- 6 x 24E - compared to its predecessor model, we have extended the tube body by 25 mm. This allows for more flexibility during assembly. Due to the complete new development we have now reached a field of view of approximately 43 m to 100 m! And with the highest possible colors and edge sharpness.

This new scopes also features brand-new reticle Lenso-Dot2a (design protected). It  is located in the second image plane and remains constant with the change of magnification. Due to its large field of view (43 m to 100 m), this model is a true specialist for shooting at moving targets, but due to its 6-fold magnification can also be used for single hunt during the day.

Magnification 1-6fold, 24 mm lens diameter and 5-fold dimmable illuminated reticle Lenso-Dot2a (design protected), optionally switchable red or green light dot. One-piece body with 30 mm diameter, anti-scratch coated ALU, Nitrogen-filled against internal fogging and therefore waterproof. With finely adjustable eyepiece.

All our optics are tested for <1.5 g. In this way, we guarantee shooting strength for every large ball caliber.

Delivery includes stable 4-bolt ALU mounting 21.5 mm (Weaver-rail), protective covers, description, cleaning cloth and spare battery CR 2032. 

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