Umarex 12 gram Co2 Cartridges ( Package 50 pcs )

  • €24.95

Package of 50 cartridges . 

€0,45 per cartridge.

Top quality Co2 Cartridges from Umarex for all popular Co2 powered pistol & rifles. 

Guaranteed full 12gram fill - these give the same power and number of shots as any other brand.

Co2 is critically important for the health of your air gun. Without clean, reliable power, air guns can break down. Valves clog. O-rings and seals deteriorate.

While manufacturers meet standards of size and weight, they aren’t held to exacting standards for cleanliness. Even the designs of the seals at the top can vary from one maker to the next, and, if a neck seal is out-of-spec, it can damage a gun’s puncture assembly.

Ensure a lifetime of performance with clean CO2. 

Umarex always tested and clean.

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